Monday, May 4, 2020

Episode 9 - Essential thing to know about batting 04.05.2020

Hi Friends,

We are now ready for the skills with the correct accessories we need, there are so many technical points to understand for proper batting and same will be discussed in this episode.

How to Grip the Bat Proper gripping can only allow you to play proper shots, so make sure and make a habit to hold the bat with proper grip only, may be kid will not feel ease in early days but it will adopt very quickly, So below is the technique to grip the bat and I am showing some pictures also.
 Check both your hands are fairly close together on the bat, towards the top of the handle. Form a "V" by pointing your thumb and forefinger down between outside edge and center of back of bat. The top hand rests comfortably on the inside of the front thigh (left thigh for a right hander).

What is stance and how to take correct stance? - 
Stance is the position in which a batting player stands to have the ball bowled to them. ... Additionally, the front shoulder should be pointing down the wicket, the head facing the bowler, the weight equally balanced and the bat near the back toe.
But, how to take proper stance cannot be understood for children’s by reading the lines, I Will make a proper video to guide about it in my coming blogs.

Tapping of bat After a proper gripping of bat and taking a proper stance, we have to tap our bat to take a feel of our standing position, balancing of body weight, banding position etc. it gives a confidence to player to feel he/she is ready to face the ball.
Now we are ready to face the ball but how to play the ball or hit a ball, we need to know the following techniques. This will be discussed in next episode.

Back lift
Foot work
Bat Flow
Middling of Ball

 Hope the information is useful to you and will work for you, for practical clarity, plz stay tuned with us for video guides in our coming episodes. Your suggestions and comments are highly welcomed. 


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