Friday, May 15, 2020

Episode 11 - Front Foot Defense Drill - 15.05.2020

Hi friends,

Hope we are doing practice of previous episode tips and getting benefitted, in our past blogs, we have discussed about various techniques of ball sense and batting, back lift, down swings, foot work, back foot etc.  In this episode we are going to discuss batting drills, For every skill, there is drill to follow for better results, so first we will start drills with very basic
Front foot Defense Drill –
There are so many techniques to practice the drill but I will tell you the practical one for small kids, Don’t go very technical in initial phase, it will be improved as the time passes. Now what we do is ……..

1.   Ask Children to hold the bat as told and practiced in previous episode,
2.   Take a proper stance
3.   Do the back lift and count (Sound) -1

4.   Move front foot towards ball and land it on ankle, and Count      (Sound) it -2 (Remember the foot should not move forward too much , be comfortable so that body balance can be managed during drill)

5.   Downswing of  bat parallel to front foot feet and face of the bat will be closed towards earth and count (Sound) – 3

Now this is the drill to practice, don’t panic if kid is not doing it in proper manner, Let them do this first for some time, so there muscles will work accordingly and alignment will automatically corrected as much they will practice.

Adding some pictures and videos to help you out, See the videos considering the age group not judge it perfectly because we are going to train the same age of kids and it is in similar way to other kids that days.


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