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Hi Friends,
Hope you are doing well and enjoyed the journey till yet with me, Till last episode, we have learnt about the most basic tactics and requirement to be a sportsman, Now we are moving towards skills of batting,
Before starting skilling, we should know about accessories used in batting.

Choosing of Bat – Most important factor of batting, choosing of good and right bat is first key to be a good batsman, it should be of proper size weight and handle grip made of good willow with minimum 6 grains, If the length of bat is more or less to the actual requirement will restrict you to learn the proper skilling, similarly the weight is also impacting the vital role, it should be according to strength of the player, Lighter or heavier Bat will not work to the desired result. We are discussing point wise below..
Size of Bat - Choosing the correct size bat is vital for the proper technical development of young cricketers. It is important that the bat is not too long and more importantly not too heavy to hinder correct stroke play and good technique. Junior bats are scaled down in size and weight to meet this important requirement. Below is an accurate guide to help you choose an accurate size for a junior cricketer.

4-5 Years Old
Up to 4ft 3inches
25 1/4 inches
3 1/2 inches
6-7 Years Old
4ft 3" - 4ft 6"
27 3/4 inches
3 1/2 inches
8-9 Years Old
4ft 6" - 4ft 9"
28 3/4 inches
3 3/4 inches
9-10 Years Old
4ft 9" - 4ft 11"
29 3/4 inches
3 3/4 inches
10-11 Years Old
4ft 11" - 5ft 2"
30 3/4 inches
4 inches

Weight of bat- There are so many guidelines of correct weight of bat, But in a simple way and based of my experience and based on age of our kids, proper weight should be like as below
4-5 Years – Between 500-600 Grams
6-7 Years – Between 600-700 Grams
This weight will not do muscle damage while playing as our kids are too small to play with full strength, so the first priority to keep them safe and injury free gaming.

Type of Bat – There are so many types of bat available in the market, but we will on need bases basis.
Take two bats – One is made of good plastic and one of lighter wood, Benefits of two different bats will be discussed in our coming blogs.  

There are many more accessories required for batting like, Batting Pads, Thigh, Gloves, Hemet, Adult guard, Elbow guard etc., But as of now we don’t need these accessories and will told you when all this will be needed,

Ball – Cricket is a game of cricket ball made of leather but we are in initial phase so our balls will be different and keeping in our mind about the age of player, so there are some balls to prefer for different skilling
Foam Ball – Very lighter and soften ball to practice catching, no injury will be impacted if hit any part of body
Tennis Ball – Most light weight tennis ball to be choosen first, it will not impact jerk feeling when hit by bat and will also not harm during miss shot by player
Light weight plastic ball – Up to 40 grams of plastic ball is suffice to play, It will give a hitting feeling to kids and shot will sound like pleasuring and soothing effect.

Stumps – Feeling of game is most important, to give the real sense of game, keeping the stump behind the player is very important to know about getting bold and pitching of ball, taking proper stance etc., so Purchase a plastic set of inbuilt platform of stump set.  

So these are the accessories requires as of now to start skilling of batting, Hope this information is useful and helpful to choose the correct accessories, Would like to have your comment as token of appreciation and also invite you to ask any specific or customized requirement.
Thank you.


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