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Episode -10 "Batting techniques" - 12.05.2020

Hello Friends,

Hope we are doing practice of previous episode tips and getting benefitted, in our past blogs, we have discussed about various techniques of ball sense and batting, in this episode we are going to discuss about following things.
Back lift
Foot work
Bat Flow
Middling of Ball

Batting is a combination of various techniques which has to be used or to be applied in a synergic manner, but to learn about these techniques, we can practice separately, so I am trying to describe the things as below

Back Lift - Taking the bat back and stepping to the ball sets the batsman up for playing the correct shot properly. The bat is taken back towards the stumps and at the top of the back-lift the face should open towards second slip. The front shoulder should roll down as the bat is lifted, with the head kept as still as possible.
The major role of backlift is to improve imposing the power on your control, to control your shot and to balance your body weight while playing a shot.

Start laying face down with arms above your head. Activate your lower back muscles, lift upper body and arms from the ground. Hold the position, work the upper back by squeezing shoulder blades together and contract all muscles in upper back as much as possible for 3 seconds. Release and lower slowly.

Foot Work- Moving of front and back foot according to the length of ball is called foot work, there are two ways i.e. Front Foot and Back Foot, There are several shots which can be played on front foot only e.g. Drive shot, Front foot defense, Seep Shot etc and some of the shots can play on back foot e.g. Back foot punch, Square Cut, Pull, Hook etc. So both the movement are important in cricket game.
Front Foot work – Moving your front foot forward towards ball to play a shot is called front foot work.
Back Foot Work – Moving your rear Foot towards stumps to play a shot is called Back Foot Work
There are several techniques to practice front and back foot movement and lot of things to notice, I will discuss these minor check in our next episode on foot work practices
Bat Flow – It is also called downswings of bat, So there are two things i.e. back lift means raising the bat back side towards stumps and flowing the bat forward to play the shot is called downswings,
Straighter the bat better the shot is the principle of good batting practice, So there are so many things to practice the downswing of bat like four stumps back side and two stumps front side to check the flow, hanging ball knocking, Cone Shots etc, As our kids start learning the batting tactics, I will make my blog detailed about these techniques.
Middling of Ball – If any batsman start hitting the ball with the middle portion of bat means he is moving towards perfection. Middlled shot delivers desirable direction and power over shot and gives you desired result, All the earlier techniques are to learn and to improve this practice means middle of ball is the most important thing in batting,
It can be improved by various ways like hanging ball knocking, One stump knocking, Batting of upper hand only, batting with one stump instead of bat or take a thin bat to middle the ball,

I have added a video also, in which all the techniques is been practiced by this little one. 

Hope the information is reliable and useful to you and in return as appreciation, please leave your comments in comment box to improve my content.


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