Thursday, May 21, 2020

Episode 13 Drive Shot - 19.05.2020

Hi friends,

Hope we are doing practice of previous episode tips and getting benefitted, in our past blogs, we have discussed about front foot defense drill in all playing areas.
Now we are moving to little advance and will practice the Drive Shot. This side plays a vital role in every batsman’s carrier, Without playing this shot, we cannot built a long and big scoring inning, so we have to understand properly and seriously the tips of this shot,
Firstly will tell you that what drive shot is –

drive is a straight-batted shot, played by swinging the bat in a vertical arc through the line of the ball, hitting the ball in front of the batting player along the ground. It is one of the most common shots in a batting player's armory and often the first shot taught to junior cricketers”

How to play a drive shot –
I am attaching a video for your reference, first you have to watch this video so that you can check that what drive shot is actually.
There are three area to play a drive shot and it is similar to defense areas like Straight drive, covers drive and on Drive,
Before practicing the different areas, we will adopt the right technique first i.e. as follows

Take a correct stance, Bat should be towards off stump, front shoulder should little down towards ground, head position over shoulder and towards the baller or ball, When ball pitch near the front foot, we will allow down swing to hit the ball and bat will swing straight and power generating over shot, In written it cannot be understand properly, so I will make some video to get proper clarity on this,

Stay tuned and get benefited, Keep commenting and encouraging for further blogs.


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