Saturday, April 25, 2020


As we have discussed about planning, Observation and Diet schedule of our kids to give them proper energy to play, Now I am sharing that what kind of physical activity is required to make body strong growing and ready to adopt the game abilities.
As our kids are very small at their age, so we can’t go with heavy exercise, So there are several activities which needs to be done for a month to activate the kid for sport,
      1.     Running
      2.     Jumping
      3.     Stretching
      4.     Yoga
      5.     Other activities

RUNNING – It should not be more than 100 Mtrs in one go, Much running will affect the body growth and muscles will loose down, Kid can run upto 400 Mtr in a day but not continue , It may be 6-8 breaks
JUMPING – Jumping is a best exercise for kids, it helps all round developments, help in gaining of height, to activate internal organs to work better, activation of growth plates, releasing of Growth Regulatory hormones, But remember – Nothing to be done too much in numbers, maximum 20 jumps in one go.

STRETCHING & YOGA– The most important part of physical activity, There are several exercise must do like, TAAD ASAN (MOUNTAIN POSE) , BHUJANGASANA ( COBRA POSE), VIRBHADRA ASAN ( WARRIOR POSE) SPLITS, BAALASAN ( CHILD POSE), VRIKSHA ASAN ( TREE POSE), Shaking of hands (front and side )

Playing with Foot Ball


Mountain Pose

Cobrra Pose

Adhonmukh Swan Asan

Warrior Pose

Child Pose

Tree Pose


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