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Hi Friends,
Hope my first Episode was very useful in terms of understanding your kid purposefully strategically and statistically, If you have missed the same, I am sharing the link for your references
Now we are moving to the next level, which is very important for every parents that how they can give a proper and complete nutrition to their kids, what should be the schedule of diet, whether all essentials have covered or not, over dieting, under dieting  etc

So again, it will be depend on the kid’s physical activity and body requirements, But the basics will be same for all. So following are the nutrition’s which have to give in daily diet.

1.       Protein – Pulses, Rajma, Chholey, Egg white ,Paneer, Chicken, Red meat, Fish
2.       Carbohydrate – Fruits, Potato, Milk, Chocolate
3.       Fat – Ghee, Chocolate, Paneer
4.       Vitamins – Fruits, Milk, Carrot, oranges, strawberry, Nuts
5.       Calcium – Milk & Green vegetables
6.       Minerals – Chapatti, Milk Nuts, Fish Egg and meat
7.       Fiber- Fruits and vegetables
8.       Growth regulators – Any supplement which you find better

I am suggesting some food items which will cover all the needs and can be given in rotational manner.
Start of the day – It should be started with a whole night soaked almond (Only One) followed by one cup milk, In second meal with some gap, any seasonal fruit ( non-citrus ) Like Banana, Apple, Pomegranate, Watermelon, muskmelon etc, if Kid is not liking fruit in morning hour, you can replace it by two Theraptin biscuits or by boiled egg white.
Another very good option is Flavored Dalia made in different manners every time, It will be an ideal food.
After snaky start,  Some solid may be given like, Paneer Paratha, Aloo Paratha, or anything solid as per liking, (Quantity will not matter, don’t force to eat more)
In lunch time – Proper course to be given, Any Dal/Rajma/chholey/red gram (any one in alternate manner) with one table spoon ghee ,Chapatti, Rice, seasonal vegetable or mix vegetable as per taste of the kid, Followed by Milk after one hour
In evening time – It should be again some snaks like little amount of dry fruits like roasted MAKHANA, two pieces of cashew, Rasin, Fig, or any fruit preferred by kid,  Roasted Gram, followed by any fruit
Dinner – Light dinner is always preferable but there is no boundation for kids, Encourage them to have dinner with all family members jointly so that they will enjoy the food and they will eat those things also which they don’t like, Followed by Milk before sleeping which will be in addition to some supplement like Complain Horlicks etc

·         Some Special Tips – Milk to be boiled with -four Dry dates (Chhuhara) So that you need not to give that separately and kid even don’t realize that what is mixed with milk
·         Citrus fruits to be given in noon time only
·         After 10 AM, A half glass of mix fruit juice can be given if don’t prefer fruits to eat, But motivate to have whole fruit, it gives fiber also.
·         A colorful food like mix of vegetable of different color will attract the attention of kid to have all that,
·         Paratha should always be filled with something like Paneer, Potato, Cauliflower, to make your task easy.
·         Milk to be given thrice a day, Quantity doesn’t matter
·         Make three sets of diet which must be rotated daily  to attract the attention or craze towards new dish
·         Whatever you are giving to you kid, plz keep in your mind about the nutritional value
·         Don’t give junks to your kid, if they start having junks, they will not prefer your diet plan
·         Chocolate is the key regulator of growth, so give a small quantity of that on daily basis and you can use this as a motivational factor like if you will finish the food, I will give you chocolate.
·         Involve your kid while preparing food, it will create curiosity of taste among them.
Hope this will help you to understand the fooding requirement of kids and you can ask questions also .
In next episode, I will cover the physical activity.

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