Friday, June 19, 2020

Episode-20 Late cut and Upper cut -19.06.2020

Hi friends,

Hope we are doing practice of previous episode tips and getting benefited, with our past blogs, we have discussed about back foot drills, and in our last episode, I described Hook Shot.
Now we are moving to end the back foot skills with late cut and upper cutLate Cut is most safe shot to play with highest concentration on batting, Upper cut is mix of late cut and hook shot which is can also be played with high concentration on batting and with strong body balancing when bending towards back side, both shots are been played behind the stumps and the pace of the ball can be used perfectly by batsman in these shots.

Late Cut - late cut is played as or after the ball passes the batting player's body and is hit towards the third man position. The cut shot is typically played off the back foot but is also sometimes played off the front foot against slower bowling

The backward movement is usually accompanied by a huge back-lift as the batsman waits for the ball to pass him on the off-side. As the ball crosses the batsman around waist-height and starts to go beyond the batsman, the willow comes across in a horizontal manner, 'cutting' the ball towards the off-side.

late cut is a cross-batted stroke typically played off the back foot by slicing the ball towards third man. ... Lean your head towards the line of the ball to play the shot close to your body and cut the ball at the very last moment to deflect it wide of the keeper's reach.

Upper Cut - An upper cut is a shot played towards third man, usually hit when the ball is pitched outside the off stump with an extra bounce. It is a dangerous shot which can edge the ball to keeper or slips if not executed correctly. The shot is widely used in modern cricket.

This is most magical shot which was invented by GOD OF THE CRICKET, none other than Legend “SACHIN TENDULKAR”.   Tendulkar's craft while using it truly makes him the inventor of the modern uppercut where the ball doesn't stay on the ground but sails over the third man boundary. Not only for records is he arguably the greatest to pick up a cricket bat.

I am trying to describe Upper cut in this way “A half bally, or short pitch ball with the height above chest level or at head level on off side or targeting body of the batsman, he should keep bend himself, Make body in Z shape, Bat to flat and face of the Bat towards Sky, and touch ball softly and to ensure it will cross to wicket keeper,

This is all about the Back foot game in cricket which is finish now, Perfection will come with lot of focus practice and with time, So keep watching keep practicing and keep enjoying the game of gentlemen.


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