Saturday, June 13, 2020

Episode-19 Hook Shot in Cricket - 13.06.2020

Hi friends,

Hope we are doing practice of previous episode tips and getting benefited, with our past blogs, we have discussed about back foot drills like Defense, Drive, Pull, Back foot punch skills.

There are few more shots which can be played on back foot, i.e. Hook Shot, Late Cut, Upper Cut etc,
Hook Shot is the only shot which is played in air only on short pitch or bouncer balls, There will be two results of this shot, Either you will got the maximum run with this shot or you will catch out at boundary, You may be safe if lucky enough to lend at no man land.

Now will going to tell about Hook Shot -

The Term hook shot is used when the shot is played against a ball bouncing at or above chest high to the batsman, the batsman thus "hooking" the ball around behind square leg, either along the ground or in the air.

The most important thing in this shot is – Focus on ball or eye watching till the last moment you are hitting the ball, Remember one this, this shot is to safe guard your body first and to score runs with safety.
I further suggest that this is only introduction of this shot here to know about, you may not follow this shot with small kids, as they cannot control the bounce of the ball at this age and there back foot balance is also not so strong, So only show case this shot in video but have to practice later,
I am attaching some picture here and sharing some you tube links to watch the Hook shot is all about.
In our next episode, we will discuss or learn about Late cut and Upper cut shot..
Keep tuned keep learning keep practicing
Happy Summer vacations to the Kids………….


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