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Episode -22, Basics of Balling -Part 2 - 05.07.2020

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In our Last episode which was published on 24th June 2020, we have read about bowling, Types of Bowling and there brief description, now we will move to little advance and will read some further classification of balling.

Types of fast (Pace) bowling as per there speed

S. No

Type of pace bowling

Speed of ball (km/h)


Fast pace over









Medium pace


  Types of pace Bowling as per Deliveries.
  •       Bouncer
  •        In swinger
  •       Reverse Swing
  •        Leg cutter
  •       Off Cutter
  •       Out Swinger
  •        Yorker
  •       Beamer (Illegal)
  •       Knuckle ball
  •       Slower 
  •       Good Length 
  •       Short Pitch

Types of Spin Bowling.

A.    Leg spin

1.     Leg Break
2.     Googly
3.     Topspinner
4.     Flicker Ball
5.     Slider
6.     Flipper

     B.     Off Spin

1.     Off break

2.     Doosra

3.     Topspinner

4.     Carom Ball

5.     Arm Ball

6.     Teesra

So these are the type of bowling which is been done in cricket ground by different bowlers, There is no such parameter to determine that who is good bowler as per there balling style, every bowler have their own importance depend on the situation, game, pitch, wicket , condition of ball and air speed and direction.

So this is all about the basic classification and knowledge of bowling types, I think this will suffice for our little champs as if they know this much will work for them, now in next episode, we will discuss about the balling techniques other aspects , So keep tuned and keep reading,

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